How to Create High-Value Audio Products For Free!

Competition on the web is hotting up. It’s no longer enough to throw up a basic website and rely on passing traffic to turn up on your internet doorstep. And you’ve only got to look at the vast numbers of eBooks around to see that if you want to be noticed you are going to have to do something a little different.

Adding audio and video to websites, blogs and eBooks takes your posts and your products to a different level of professionalism. And now that non-tecchie average Joes and Janes are wanting to make their online business presence felt any eBook or training course has to be well constructed and well thought out.

Adding video to your site can be easy from a purely technical point of view if you use something like YouTube to convert your newly filmed video into a viable file type. YouTube will generate HTML code that you can paste into your site and Hey-Presto… there you are talking to your adoring fans. Except that looking at the usual run of you tube videos they seem to me to do more harm than good to the professional image of the video victim, sorry, I mean the poor sap facing the camera MP3 Youtube!

It’s difficult to come up with a decent video. The technology is not quite in everyone’s grasp and you can spend an entertaining afternoon trawling through some of the absolute unintentional howlers currently showing in the YouTube business section! I’m sure these words will come back to haunt me when you get to see the videos I’ve made!

So… video is tricky. What about Audio?

Adding audio to your website can really work well. It’ s a lot easier to do than video and, if you know where to go, you can do it for free! You can get a half decent microphone for a fifth of the price of a domestic camcorder. You should be prepared to spend some money on your microphone if you can because you get what you pay for, and if you want to present a professional image with your website, podcasts and audio products, the quality of your microphone will make all the difference to the sound quality of your recordings.

Not only can you now add audio to your website and your blog, it’s possible to add Mp3 files to Adobe Acrobat PDFs. There is a much higher perceived value to a podcast than to an ordinary blog and you may find it an effective way to build and keep your valuable subscriber list.

Audio products like audiobooks or recorded interviews or seminar recordings have a much higher perceived value than standard PDF eBooks. If you’re looking for an easy way to create a digital downloadable product that can present information in a valuable easy-to-access way then creating Mp3 audio products are the way to go.

To find out how you can get powerful easy to use audio creation editing and formatting software absolutely free, and also access a comprehensive video tutorial that shows you how to use it… click here… Mp3 Creation Tutorial