How to Make Christmas Paper Flowers

Paper is among the most readily available cosmetic resources, offering prolific creative usage. Making cosmetic flowers is certainly one of the most popular applications. You are able to enhance your decor using a variety of designs and striking bold range of colors. All we desire is just a little ingenuity and ability to turn an aesthetically-pleasing document craft. With Christmas being around the corner, let’s check the steps given below to design our very own simple to make blossoms, which will last more without costing much.

Things you’ll need:
1. Glaze paper sheets – red & green
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Cotton ball
6. Clear cassette
8. Floral tape
9. Green ribbon
10. Paint color – brown
11. Colored pen
12. Floral perfume
1-3. Small pearls – whitened

Procedure to Make Christmas paper flowers:  กระดาษห่อเหรียญ
• Stem:
• Covering Stick: Require a rod and cover it with green glaze paper. Allow it to dry.
• Bow: Cover up the stick with green ribbon, while also earning a bow with it.
• Head of the rod: Take cotton ball and set it at the centre of a piece of tissue paper measuring roughly 2″X 2″.
• cottonball : Squeeze the tissue paper and place it at the very top of the stick to the help of clear tape.
• Pasting pearls: Glue little pearls on the cottonball.
• Base Board: Take a little cardboard bit and then cut it in round shape with a diameter of two”. Make a pit at the centre of the board.
• Attaching stick: Paste the plank with the pole in an way in which the cottonball stems out from the hole in the cardboard.
• Repeating: Create such 4 pieces.

• Flower:
• Drawing blossom: Get a red glaze paper and draw petals on it together with the aid of colored pen.
• Creating Paragraph: Put 2-3 glaze papers below the preceding sheet. Ensure that all the advantages are at precisely the same point. Now, use scissors to cut the paper together, as per the drawn shapes.
• Pasting petals: At the edge of the circular cardboard, then paste the petals one by one in a round structure. Cover the complete board cutout similarly.
• inhabiting the petals: Emphasize the corners of this petal with golden sparkle.
• Perfumes: Spray a few flowery perfume to the blossom.
• Repetition: Repeat this procedure to produce four more such pieces.
• Tying flower: After making the entire fragrance, tie the flowers with the aid of reddish and gold ribbon, while creating a bow from it.
• Placing blossom: Put your paper blossoms in a transparent vase.

Inch. Try making peculiar blossoms for uniqueness.
2. Spray the perfume out of a distance for a larger spread.
3. More layers of petals improve the beauty of flowers.

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